• My son said he wishes every day of school was STARBASE!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a chaperone. This is a wonderful program and I was totally shocked that STARBASE existed in Alpena. The community needs to know more about it so they can support it.
  • This is a wonderful program. My son loves math and science. This program helps reinforce his love for them both by giving him real world applications.
  • I think STARBASE is an excellent program. I know my child can’t wait to go there. He really enjoys it. Thank You!
  • This is a great program to introduce students to STEM careers at a young age. Fantastic!
  • After attending STARBASE, my son makes connections to things going around him and in the news.
  • Math and Science have been my daughter’s least favorite subjects. This program has definitely peaked her interest. She loves it!
  • My child has always loved school, especially math and science. Since STARBASE he is more active in school. He loves to tell me what he is doing in class.
  • My child has talked about STARBASE several times. He was impressed with the facility, technology and helpful staff. He felt important.


Students were asked: What was the best part of STARBASE? These are their responses…

  • STEM careers because I want to be a Marine Architect and STEM careers made me think about what I want to be when I grow up.
  • I most like Pop Fizz because you get to work as a team and experience science.
  • I liked all the experiments because I wouldn’t be able to do them at home. I like programing robots because I never would have done it anywhere else.
  • CREO because we got to create cool things.
  • Minion because she is the nicest person in the world and Grey Eagle because he helps out a lot on every topic. #1 teachers!
  • Experiments because it was proof to what people say.
  • CREO because I loved making 3D items.
  • Operation Bridge Quest, because you get to be creative and build and design.
  • CSI because you can be a detective for a day and compare things.
  • All of the science experiments we did. It made science more interesting and fun.