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Welcome to STARBASE Alpena

Hands On, Minds On Opportunities


STARBASE offers 5th and 6th grade students an inspiring way to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through an exciting, hands-on curriculum. Over the course of their 5-day, 25-hour experience, students will engage in motivational activities, which are best described as “hands-on, minds-on”. These activities include:

  • Creating 3D models using professional software

  • Standing next to the towering rescue vehicles used on the runway

  • Programming robots to navigate an obstacle course

The STARBASE program is a Department of Defense community outreach program that has been a proven leader in introducing STEM concepts for over 25 years. Carefully designed to meet common core educational standards, STARBASE encourages students to set goals, shows them how to achieve them, and uses positive role models to increase the confidence in their abilities.





Science improves people's lives, as well as our planet.  It can be an exciting journey that opens our imaginations to what we can achieve.



Technology is being able to use scientific knowledge for practical purpose. This could be all the 1s and 0s that went into making this webpage, or the ability to launch watermelons with a trebuchet.



Engineering is a field that is full of possibilities!  Our students learn the Engineering Design Process to create and complete challenges.



Math is essential to understanding our world, and how it all fits together.  Students learn why we measure, record data and create graphs.  Who knew quantifying data could be so much fun?

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