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Brick Build Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered. We were all very impressed with the creative designs students came up with for this competition!

Our panel of judges reviewed each entry and, using the rubric that was sent out, decided how many points each category received. The results were all totaled, and the entries with the most points won.

K-2 Lower Elementary Winners

First Place

Build #107

Claire, Aleya O.

Second Place

Build #102

Eleanor L.

Third Place

Build #104

Lark M.

Judge's Choice Awards

#101 Landon K.

#110 Jack. T. 

3-5 Upper Elementary Winners

First Place

Build #126

Nathaneal B.

Jeremiah B.

Second Place

Build #121

Isaiah. T

Third Place

Build #132

Sofia K.

Emma M.

Eleanor S.

Meridel S.

Judge's Choice Awards

#115 Elliot L.

#127 Joshua C.

Harry K.

Owen M.

#130 Olivia C.

Hailey S.

Violet S.

#131 Brogan T.

Cullen T.

6-8 Middle School Winners

First Place

Build #141

Harrison M.

Hendrix M.

Second Place

Build #135

Cooper K.

Third Place

Build #140

Blaike B.

Jonathan B.

Judge's Choice Awards

#133 Brody E.

#138 Cameron T.

9-12 High School Winner

First Place

Build #142

Thurston I.

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