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Brick Build Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered. We were all very impressed with the creative designs students came up with for this competition!

Our panel of judges reviewed each entry and, using the official rubric, decided how many points each category received.

The results were all totaled, and the entries with the most points won.

K-2 Lower Elementary Winners

First Place

Build #104

Sierra J.

Second Place

Build #108

"Zachary Zebra"

Third Place

Build #102

Margaret B.

Judge's Choice Award

Build #103 


3-5 Upper Elementary Winners

First Place

Build #213

"The Great

Building Amigos"

Second Place

Build #201

Aliyah J.

Third Place

Build #211

"Medieval Maidens"

Judge's Choice Awards

#204 Claire O.

#216 "Tracey Bros"

6-8 Middle School Winners

First Place

Build #302

"Build-it Bros"

Second Place

Build #301

Alcona 7th Grade

Third Place

Build #307

William S.

Judge's Choice Award

Build #306


9-12 High School Winner

First Place

Build #401

"Knightly Nights"

Second Place

Build #403

"Team Dahleen"

Third Place

Build #404

"The Creator"

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